Water squirter hose kit set of all 6 PCG.628.901.10

We have made this for a high end restoration customer because as he put it "There's no way I'm going to spend this much on an install and put refrigerator water hose in my car!!"  Yes The OEM source has moved over to the more modern plastic, but it's not period correct for our cars. We have faithfully reproduced this hose material with a small exception. We made the wall thickness a little larger so that it is not necessary to band the ends like factory did to keep them on.

We made the kit as follows 2 sections separated to help avoid confusion.

The pressurization side -

Tire to male fitting

Female fitting to tank

Tank to stalk


The Supply side -

Stalk to T fitting

T fitting to squitter - short (drivers)

T fitting to squitter - long (passengers) 


We did a short run on these so when they are gone it may be awhile before we have more in stock. 


Water squirter hose kit set of all 6 PCG.628.901.10
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