914 Flat tow Bar

This is a flat tow bar that I use to tow to all the events over 3 hours.  My significant other isn’t really into all day drives, that and I like the insurance that if it should decide to stop running at any point I can easily hook up and get the car home.

The bar is constructed from 3/8” steel and bolts right to the frame of the car. We supply the bolts and stand off spacer to insure the geometry is correct, and the 3.8” means you can’t use the factory ones.

It takes about 20 min to install if you are slow like me. You will need to remove the factory metal valance to attach the bar. You can’t run the factory metal without modification, so I use the LE air dam so keep it attached all the time. Allowing me to hook up in about 10 min, if I need to.  I do sell the LE and the flexdam, both will work with this unit.

You will need to obtain the following for a complete tow kit –

Tow bar – I use the Empi VW1401330 made for the super Beatle  I like that it is fixed and less moving parts. These are a little more expensive in that they run $130 to $170 depending on where you buy them.  I can get them for about $115, and would stock them, except you probably can obtain at your local VW parts house without the shipping added in. There are some adjustable tow bard that you may also be able to use that are even less expensive.

Chain or suitable securing devices

Tow lighting – There are units at Harbor freight I have used. You can get on sale at $10, or pay full price $20. The wire is cheap and will wear out in about 2 years of my use. I personally wouldn’t opt for the LED mainly because the wiring fails before the lights burn out.  

These are very easy to use, you just need to remember a couple points –


2- The steering MUST NOT BE LOCKED

3-You can’t back up with it. You can however easily take it off the ball to reposition it as needed.

4- if you are staring at an angle you can get dynamic oscillations if the steering wheel is not pointed the direction you are turning. As you accelerate the wheel will correct itself, and them over correct itself. If you are accelerating it compounds the problem. Easily solved, stop accelerating, or better yet stop completely (as this mostly occurs when you are just starting to move).  It will correct itself.

Once you have used this type of set up you will enjoy it.

Note the tow bar is shown attached without the spacers as they were not yet finished at the time the picture was taken.  We will revise to show shortly.

914 Flat tow Bar
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