914 Floor mats -Early and Late style -MADE TO ORDER

We finally decided to look at making a floormat for our beloved 914. One that fits properly both early and late.

Heads up  - These are being made to order so the leat time is about 10 days We may stock more popular configureation as time goes on so please check in with us if you wan to know if your selection is in stock.

SO how do you know which you car needs?  Depends...........

The early cars did not need the milage counter that was hidden in the footwell of th epassenger side, so it had a larger area to put your feet You can see this in the picture with the brown carpet.

The later cars had the emissions counters hidden in a foam block that knocked the foot well back a few inches. It also made the part in the front more square.

You may have a later car that the counter has been removed, IN THIS CASE YOU PROBABLY WANT AN EARLY as it is th elonger version.

If you have the foam in the footwell you will WANT A LATE, unless you plan to run it up the front wall, or plan to remove it later.


You have the option to use the OEM style carpet for the pre 75 and the 75. The 75 is more of a salt an pepper style, it also isn't as good of a match to a faded carpet.


I would be happy to include a small sample of a prospectuve carpet with any order.

914 Floor mats -Early and Late style -MADE TO ORDER
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