914 MM master Cylinder NOT URO 911.305.012.00

Finally we have recreated the 19mm master cylinder that you have no option but to but in inferror parts or pay the ATE price. Providing you with a reasonalble solution, and improvements to make installation easier.

Each assembly has been QC'd prior to shipping and we are proud to make these available for all that have stepped up to help.

These repalce the stock 17mm master cylinder and do give a slightly more firn feel to them.

We have made an option to make these easier to install. The body has been machined to accept custom plugs that install when the assembly is off the car. You can then use the provided hose line to attach them after the saaembly is in the car. making this a much less difficult procedure. We have found that you will have to bleed the brakes throughly, and to work just like the factory version only with less swearing.


The easy install option includes the machining for body to accept the custom plugs for these ports. Port "nipples" and viton gaskets included as well as 6" of correct hose to make the jconnection to the resivour lines. Also included are 4 spring clamps for extra piece of mind.The Easy install option is on sale currently for an additional $24.


Thanks you again, to all that have helped to make these possible.


914 MM master Cylinder NOT URO 911.305.012.00
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