914.424.075.03 914 heater cable for 75-76

This is a reproduction of a factory 914 heater cable that was made from an OEM part. Like the OEM we added an anti abrasion coating to keep metal from metal contact in the heater tubes. We offer you the option to purchase without in the PCG42407501NC Model It's also less expensive than the competitors version. 

Others are making reproductions of the cables but some have fittings that are too large and make it difficult to install. We now have the cable that will fit correctly for your vehicle, rather than a ones size fits all and you you have to bend the cable to shorten for your vehicle. That's not right. Ours is.

 We even double crip our ends. Others use a single crip making the cable hold less weight. while this is not a life saftey issue, we have learned in over 2 decades of archictural manufacturing that the details matter and this is a technique we use in that application. 

914.424.075.03 914 heater cable for 75-76
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