A-Arm Bushing Set

 As many of you may be aware there has been a "Cheap" option, that lets say brand "E" has done a video on notating that they are smaller than factory and change the pre-load on the arm. 

Brand "U" lets call them has an install video saying that they have recreated the factory part with the same "type and amount of rubber being used"
Technically not true because as shown in the video by brand E the durometer is definitely not the same from the deflection noted. 

With all the BS aside we have made a part like the factory bushing and a special tool to help install these. One of the problems with installation of this part is the end that brand E glosses over. When you get to the part where the tube holds that end from sliding down the shaft you have a "sharp edge" from the metal the rubber can catch on. If it catches you will scar the inside rubber. This will make a second attempt more difficult. 

We have made the delrin "tools" to allow you to use a 1/2" stainless rod with some nuts and large washers to install. There is a taper to allow the rubber to clear the edge of the A arm without catching it. 

Check out this product and more on our new site: https://900designs.zoeysite.com/control-arm-bushing-kit-with-install-tool

A-Arm Bushing Set
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