DELUXE Rubber package

914 “Late” rubber package- To make your restoration easier we have started to group the seal kits into ”Early” and “Late” .

This kit is a “Late” style kit. So what is the difference?

Mainly the doors. The roofs and seals on the body where the door widows were different on the early ones, but the late rubber also fits the early and actually seals better.

How can I tell if my car is early or late?

Well if it’s a 74 it could be either, generally 75 an 76 are late unless the doors have been back dated. Take a look at your door end caps. If there id a screw hole to install the end cap on the top of the door that is visible on the “exterior” of the door (not in the track where the glass is), yours is a late. Also, the late windows do notuse rollers on the front of the glass next to the triangle window. If you have little rollers that go in this track, yours is an “Early”.

If you can’t quite figure out what I’m saying or want additional clarification use the contact form to drop me an email and I can help sort this out for you.

1st of all you get free domestic shipping

Kit consists of:

1 set Aluminum chrome trim for windshield with 2 corners, and center top clip 
1 - 91451190110 & 91451190210 - front trunk hood seal set

2 - 91463140506 - front side marker seals
2- side marker amber side marker lenses left and right
2-91463195710 – front turn signal lens seals made so the seal better than the OEM (available only here)
2-New amber front turn signal lenses
6 –“eye brow” rubber grommets that hold the piece in fort of the headlights (available only in this kit)
1 - 91453182110 - inner door seal set (left and right)
1 set carpet sills satin for early, black aluminum (not plastic like OEM) for late.
1 – 914531813/410 - Outer door seal (on door) set – In solid Neoprene – available only here
2 new door panel replacement for OEM paperboard - these are blanks
2 new vinyl door panel vinyl with pad material
18 new door panel clips
1 – Door handle isolator kit that includes all for seals for both doors
2 - 91455915510 - fender to cowl seals
1 – 914531185/610 – left & right targa top side seals set (targa to window seals)
1 - 91453114310 - left & right roll bar side seal set
1 - 91455226310 - dash to windshield bead
1 - Dash vinyl with pad
1- set defroster vent seals
1-91456303910 – Main targa seal – the one that goes across the top and down the sides
1-91456331910 – lower front targa seal – the one that sits under the main targa seal
1 - 91451231910 – Rear glass to engine deck lid seal
2- rubber engine deck lid stops
1 – 91451231710 & 91451231510 – Rear trunk seal set
1 – 91450410510 Engine deck lid welting (enough to do all 3 sections not just one)
1 – 91450411110 Engine deck lid edge protectors (enough of all 3 sides)
1 - 91451219310 Trunk lock seal
2 - 91463193900 - taillight lens seal set (with a self adhesive backing to install without bunching up
1 – 914542173/410Set late door end caps  Early as appropriate
1- 91453187310set rubber “Scrapers” for the outside edge of the door to glass

1-set New aluminum threasholds - satin like OEM for Early Black for late car

18- push rivets for sills

1 set plastic back pad replacements for fiberboard

1 set embergency brake bellows

1 set alternator harness grommets

1 set front trunk drain tubes

This represents a basic late model kit

1-plywood footboard replacement with new stop (you will need to use your hardware) includes 4 pop rivets for stop replacement

1 set vibration bampening bushings for rear struts. -16 for early -17 for late

1 set jack hole covers


Compare elsewhere if you can beat this package I’ll match it and subtract an additional 10%.

Options to think about upgrading –

Late door hardware kit that adds that includes more hardware for the doors (lock bushings, inner and outer fuzzey strips, the late fuzzeys that go in the vertical tracks at the front of the glass), the scissor mechanism rollers for the windo $90


Misc Hardware kit – Heater lever knob, pair seat adjuster handles, rear trunk lock spring retainer, clutch pulley kit , door strap repair kit that includes the straps, springs, and rollers, the trunk spring rollers, the engine deck lid pull assembly with new base and pull as well as cable $122

 Engine kit -Set of all 4 engine seals, the heater grommets in sheet metal, set of 50 stainless engine tin allen head screws with washers, and set of heater hoses for the flapper to body (at the heat exchangers) $108

Triangle window seal set of 2 left and right - $178 OEM

Purchased with this kit all ship free of charge

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