Engine refresh kit

This is a kit that takes care of a lot of the while you are there items. Intended to refresh and reseal your engine compartment, and hit some of the problem areas for leaks.

Inclded is -

Engine seal set  Rge $65.00

Engine screw set - allen- in stainless with washers set of 50 - Reg $20.00

Push rod tube seal set 8 large and 8 small Reg $8.00

Engine oil cooler grommets 2 Reg $3.00

Engine tin cooling gasket in silicone Reg $10.88 (which are NLA)

2 Engine heater tube tin grommets Reg $15.00

2 Alternator harness grommets Reg $15.00

2' wiring harness tab cover material Reg $8.00

1 can engine tin enamel (also matches the ECU bracket and other metal plates) Reg $12

2 rain tray funnel grommets Reg $9.99

2 rain tray tubes Reg $16.80

Engine fire wall fuel line grommets 1 8mm and one 10mm Reg $8.00

1 alternator inspection cover Reg $7.00

Includes an option to upgreade the 2 alternator harness grommes to the full harness for $60

Incudes the option to add in Push rod tubes at $8 each (up to 8).



  • Item #: 914Engine refresh
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Price $140.00
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