Mirror glass early and late - Glass only

This is the mirror replacement only for the side mirrors that screw on with 2 screws. There is a difference on the mirrors There is an early 70-71 and a late, 72-76. We currently have the late in hand and the early should be ready about 10.5.17. The difference is the size. Note the disassembly and reassembly is a little different. the plastic retaining ring needs to be bent in on both long sides (you can use a small screwdriver to catch it), and once both are bent in it reduces the height to allow a corner out, then the other, and you can turn 45 degrees and it slides out. Once it's out you lay the mirror into the base gasket and reinstall the trim ring the same way it came apart. Don't miss the option to add in the mirror base gasket and STAINLESS screws for $2.
Mirror glass early and late - Glass only
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