Steering linkage "puck" 901.347.201.02

This part is a vibration dampener. It actually flexes to help provide a smoother response to the steering wheel when going over a bumpy road. Others have made this part out of Delrin or aluminum, which is fine if you want t transfer all the vibration across, it offers only a more difficult to steer vehicle when you my need it to actually dampen the vibrations. Factory made this piece like this for a reason, it's actually much less expensive to make one out of a chunk of hard material. Making over 100,000  cars the cost difference is significant, so they felt it was worth the extra money to make this way for a reason. Replacing yours will allow your steering to be just like it was (at least for this part), when it was new.

Steering linkage "puck" 901.347.201.02
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