Upper Front Strut Tower Rubber Bushing Set

 These are a set of 2 (enough for one car), upper strut tower bushings. These are those pesky rubber bushings that go inside the top of the strut tower mount. Yes you can buy new metal mounts with the new rubber.....at $180 each!

I designed these to allow for install using a press, or with threaded rod, some washers and nuts. Getting the old one out is the hardest part. You can use a sharp knife to cut the upper lip and knock the rubber out the bottom. As the lip is what's holding it in. You can use a press and it will pop out. 

Install is pretty easy. I designed it to act like a wedge-lock. Align the rubber in the metal part and use a bench vice (or press) to push the two sides together. I used a lower graphite content poly-graphite to allow these to push together under pressure. It creates a wedge lock that will hold the parts in place . You can see that the depth of engagement is correct on the top when the metal tube hits the ends of the bushing. It will be almost fully engaged but will require tightening about 1/8" more down during the install for the strut. 

Upper Front Strut Tower Rubber Bushing Set
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